There are very few things around town that you can sign up little guys to participate in. Most things start at age 5 with a couple at age 4 but once you get to ages 2 and 3, its slim pickin’s. That is why we are lucky to have an awesome gymnastics place where they train the big and the little. My boys love Ms. Donna, the owner and their teacher. Zane in particular loves her. Much like a year-end recital, at gymnastics we have the Fun Meet.

Gym Fun Meet 092

Kind of like the Olympics meets Romper Room.

After they show off their skills, the kids get to go stand on the podium and receive their medals.

Gym Fun Meet 151

Its so stinkin’ cute. The boys were SO proud. We were too.

Then we came home for the celebratory popsicle.

Gym Fun Meet 157

Gym Fun Meet 158

Which the boys thought was just as fun as the Fun Meet.

Gym Fun Meet 159

And then I look at them sitting there eating their popsicles and I realize how big they are.

Gym Fun Meet 162

My big boy is going to be in Pre-K this fall.

Gym Fun Meet 166

And my little monkey is going to be in the 3 year old class… But no matter how big they get, they will always be able to look at us like we are crazy.

Gym Fun Meet 174

Can’t blame them, really. We are a crazy bunch.


A little fun to get your Wednesday hoppin’!

Check out this classic at Barefoot Books:



May 2010 Vacation 052


May 2010 Vacation 053


May 2010 Vacation 055


May 2010 Vacation 056

Of course,

May 2010 Vacation 057


May 2010 Vacation 058

also mean

May 2010 Vacation 059

that I need to pull out the weed killer.

But let’s let the boy play with them first, right?


The older I get, I find myself identifying parts of me that belong to my parents.


My mom has a very clean, uncluttered house. My husband tells me that I can’t throw out everything. Its hard staying uncluttered with two little kids and all the toys but I certainly try. I also can’t stand it when my house is dirty. Right now I know my stone floors in the den need a good scrub. It’ll bug me until I do it.

Dad and Zane

My dad is great at being goofy. My husband chuckles and agrees with me that I’m goofy too. I learned that from my Daddy to be sure. My favorite? My dad would make a “salad face” with his hand. Hold your hand in a loose fist, put a piece of lettuce on the top, stick two olives between your fingers for the eyes, and your thumb is the mouth. Ha! Cracks me up every time! Of course, this is the same father that made me sit up straight, no elbows on the table, keep your mouth closed when you’re eating, bring your fork to your mouth not your mouth to your fork, etc. Now as an adult, I realize what he taught me is to have good manners and its okay and fun to be goofy but make sure your timing is right. That, and don’t chew gum like a cow.

I see myself and my husband in our two boys as well.  Zane eats like his daddy – loves salty snacks over sweet ones. Cole is shy like his mommy – needs a warm up period before he feels comfortable in a new place. Zane has his mommy’s blue eyes and daddy’s super cute dimples while Cole is just a miniature version of his daddy with mommy’s chin. We start that as soon as they are born, don’t we? Who does he look like? Yeah, and then Zane shows up with red hair. WHAT? Gotta love the surprises that God gives you. Never saw that one coming. It really suites him though. The boy was meant to be red-headed.

I also know that my parents love my boys just as much as we do.

I have very strong memories of spending time with my grandparents while growing up. We are a tight-knit bunch and while our immediate family would usually go on a real vacation each year, the rest of our free time was spent with the extended family – all of my 20+ cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  Everyone lived fairly close to each other which made it easier than it is today. My siblings and I are spread out all over – Northwest Florida, South Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Oregon.  But my Mom’s home in the Florida Panhandle calls everyone home eventually.  This trip was just me and the boys, so relatively quiet given the lower person count.  Although, I’m sure most people would not consider my two boys quiet. Myself included. 

When we arrived after a long drive and pulled up in the driveway my mind was full of lots of adult things:

Ahhh… long drive accomplished!

Now let’s get everything unloaded so we can get inside and relax.

Wow, I need a shower.

And then I was reminded by my boys to stop and smell the roses. Or feed Froggie, anyway.


Froggie is a cute lawn ornament and perhaps minature bird bath that has been in this very same spot since my boys made their first visit to Nana and Papa’s house.  Immediately after we pulled into the driveway they both shouted,”I’m gonna go feed Froggie!”

They jumped out of the car, ran over to Froggie, and starting piling up the woodchips on Froggie’s plate.  They are very concerned that he doesn’t eat enough. No wonder, I’m sure my two are the only ones who feed him.


I love that they have this memory.


And I’m sure that they will always carry it with them.  Just like I will never forget the bright red carpet in my grandmother’s living room or the plastic she kept on the living room couch. Can you blame her? She had seven kids, all of which had a least two kids of their own, some more.  Just think of it as noisy teflon.

I am currently on vacation with my boys in Florida and have discovered a photo-blogger dilemma.  Its impossible to take pictures of a 2-yr old and a 3-yr old in the pool when you have to be in the pool with them! Fear not my friends, photos will come! I spent part of my morning working on legos which my oldest just discovered. I completed that experience with a host of opinions that I’m sure I will share.

In the meantime, in the spirit of travel, let’s look at the travel theme over at Barefoot Books:

Make your summer plans! Where are you going to go?