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Don’t you just love internet shopping when it is cold outside?


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A little fun to get your Wednesday hoppin’!

Check out this classic at Barefoot Books:


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I am currently on vacation with my boys in Florida and have discovered a photo-blogger dilemma.  Its impossible to take pictures of a 2-yr old and a 3-yr old in the pool when you have to be in the pool with them! Fear not my friends, photos will come! I spent part of my morning working on legos which my oldest just discovered. I completed that experience with a host of opinions that I’m sure I will share.

In the meantime, in the spirit of travel, let’s look at the travel theme over at Barefoot Books:

Make your summer plans! Where are you going to go?

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At Barefoot Books, a good number of stories come with a CD full of songs or storytelling. So this morning, you can choose from two options:

You can subscribe to the podcast


You can just have a listen!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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This awesome book, a hardback book, is on clearance for only $4.99!!!

A peek inside:

Inside Jack & The Beanstalk

If you’re in the shopping for sales mood, go here:

Have a great Monday everyone!

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