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The Gigantic Turnip is an awesome, fun book that is great to read straight through or to stop along the way and talk about the animals and count everyone on the farm.

For a craft, I thought it would be fun for the kids to make their own group of people and animals that will pull their own big turnip out of the ground.

The Gigantic Turnip1

Here’s what you’ll need:

The Gigantic Turnip11

Glue or tape
2 pieces of green or brown construction paper
several strips of construction paper in a different color
This pdf: Gigantic Turnip Craft

I am all for scissor practice but this would be way too much cutting in one sitting for the little guy. So, I did all the cutting myself.

The Gigantic Turnip7

First, secure three of the edges of the two pieces of construction paper with glue or tape, making a big pocket.

The Gigantic Turnip3

Cole calls this ‘making raindrops’. Thank you preschool!

The Gigantic Turnip8

Then you need to plant your veggies! Glue or tape the veggie squares along the bottom of your pocket.

The Gigantic Turnip12

or if you are a 2 1/2 year old, you have the option of laying on the floor with your blankies and milk….

The Gigantic Turnip6

Not really fair when Mommy tries to get you involved with a craft right after nap time.

The Gigantic Turnip13

We went through the book and counted how many of each animal we needed in our line up.

The Gigantic Turnip4

Then we attached the animals along the strip of construction paper.

The Gigantic Turnip2

The last step is attaching your old man to the turnip. Make sure its on tight! Its going to have to withhold a lot of pressure!

The Gigantic Turnip 041

Now your kids can pull out their own gigantic turnip!!!

Happy gardening!


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