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Don’t you just love internet shopping when it is cold outside?


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Never say never!

After a lengthy hiatus…. I’m back! In more ways than one. I’m back to blogging because I miss it. I started this blog to share our crazy lives, children’s craft projects, and my beloved Barefoot Books.

Okay, sidenote… beloved made me think of Oprah. Does anyone have any ideas on what the big secret is? I have to say I’m leaning towards her being a mother. But who knows!?!

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I am also back to Florida! I was one of those teenagers who just could not wait to get out of the house and be on my own. There were many times during those years and especially the year that I moved out, right after graduating from high school, that I swore I would never move back to Florida.

Ahh…. youth. Misguided youth. We are so sure about everything at 18, aren’t we? I know I was. Wow.

But now, I’m older and I get it. For me, its about family. Family is everything and it took having my own children to realize it.

We are now 25 minuites from my dad and step-mom. Its so great to share our lives with them on a daily basis instead of just a few times each year. My mom and step-dad are now just four hours away. Let me tell you, visiting is SO much easier when the drive is four hours instead of nine! Not to mention my brothers are closer, and countless numbers of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I’ve got family from Fort Lauderdale to Pensacola! Its great to be back in the fold.

One funny story before I’m off to do mommy things.

Went to church last night. Our pastor is talking about being with someone to pull equally on the yolk (now I know he was talking about OXEN) and I, for the life of me, could not figure out where the insides to an egg fit into his anaolgy. Thank you to my well versed husband for setting me straight.

I am a bit of a Christian rookie so I don’t have all the references and terminology down yet. One down, five million sixty-four to go!

Good morning!

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