Don’t you just love internet shopping when it is cold outside?


After a lengthy hiatus…. I’m back! In more ways than one. I’m back to blogging because I miss it. I started this blog to share our crazy lives, children’s craft projects, and my beloved Barefoot Books.

Okay, sidenote… beloved made me think of Oprah. Does anyone have any ideas on what the big secret is? I have to say I’m leaning towards her being a mother. But who knows!?!

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I am also back to Florida! I was one of those teenagers who just could not wait to get out of the house and be on my own. There were many times during those years and especially the year that I moved out, right after graduating from high school, that I swore I would never move back to Florida.

Ahh…. youth. Misguided youth. We are so sure about everything at 18, aren’t we? I know I was. Wow.

But now, I’m older and I get it. For me, its about family. Family is everything and it took having my own children to realize it.

We are now 25 minuites from my dad and step-mom. Its so great to share our lives with them on a daily basis instead of just a few times each year. My mom and step-dad are now just four hours away. Let me tell you, visiting is SO much easier when the drive is four hours instead of nine! Not to mention my brothers are closer, and countless numbers of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I’ve got family from Fort Lauderdale to Pensacola! Its great to be back in the fold.

One funny story before I’m off to do mommy things.

Went to church last night. Our pastor is talking about being with someone to pull equally on the yolk (now I know he was talking about OXEN) and I, for the life of me, could not figure out where the insides to an egg fit into his anaolgy. Thank you to my well versed husband for setting me straight.

I am a bit of a Christian rookie so I don’t have all the references and terminology down yet. One down, five million sixty-four to go!

Good morning!

So, I’ve started working. Well, working more. As with each stage of parenting I am made more aware of what others must do and have more respect for my mom.

I’ve always done some level of bookkeeping from home. But now I’ve got an actual job – well two of them. I go to an office every once in a while and then I do a substantial amount from home.  The juggling is just amazing. Keeping track of which kid is where (and wondering how they are…) and when do I need to be wherever to pick them up. Makes my head spin when I think of my Mom or a million other moms like her.  My mom had three to keep track of and I only have two for now.  Then there are friends of mine that have five and six to track. Wow! Or my own grandmother who had seven (in nine years).

I have always understood why my mother limited our activities. We each had a sport and an instrument and you were allowed one thing like girl or boy scouts.  I like that rule. I felt very balanced as a child.  And let’s be real! You can only be so many places at once!

Speaking of which, my little one is starting preschool this fall and his school is offering a summer camp for a few weeks, only two days each week.  So this will be his introduction to being away from mommy and home (and not hanging out at one of his friend’s houses). I am a bit nervous, as I am sure he will be. We shall see how it goes. I am sure we will both be strong. His big brother will be with him and there is strength in numbers. Its nice when they are in the same place – for everyone!

And a random funny story:

When were getting ready to make dinner and my oldest asked what we were having. “Fish!”

Him:  But I don’t like fish.

Me: Well, we have to try everything.

Him: I know!!! I’ll have JELLY fish! I love jelly!

Me: (trying not to burst out laughing) I love your brain, Bubba.

I guess because it’s Father’s Day this weekend that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the men in my life.  I am the pink in a house of blue. Thank goodness for my sisters, two of them, with me we make an even balance against my three brothers.  Although on the grandkid front, the boys are outnumbering the girls 4 to 1. Hold strong Laila! Even our own little grandbaby (so stinkin’ cute) is a boy.

My dad is a great father and a really amazing grandfather. Last spring I had surgery on my foot and knee (ow!) and was on crutches for one month.  My boys were 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 at the time and we have lots of stairs in our house. Needless to say, I’m very blessed that my family took turns staying and helping. My dad, all by himself, stayed for over a week. He took care of everything – me and my boys while my husband was at work.  Didn’t even phase him.

He loves my boys just as much as I do. 

Its really fun to watch them together because it reminds me of when I was small and my dad was the whole world. Ask anyone, I was Daddy’s Little Girl (still am, to tell the truth).

My husband is a really amazing father too. Its so natural to him. It’s really who he is.

Their joy really is his joy.

My boys are very lucky to have such wonderful men in their lives. Me too.


I can’t even remember where I found this or who I got it from, BUT… it cracks me up.

Here’s my confession:

A list of my demerits…

#3…  Nope, not much sewing going on over here. Only when absolutely necessary.

#4… I don’t wear an apron (although I really do understand why it would be a good idea) and my clothes often by the end of the day have gotten something on them (note lack of apron).

#6… I am frequently late. In fact, my darling husband brought home a magnet for me that says,”Always late but worth the wait!”

#7… I don’t even own a pair of hose.

#9… I’m sorry, but if you are a heater its only right to share the warmth. Its not my fault that my feet feel like ice.

And on to the merits…

#2… Meals are more likely to be on time if I would take the time to go buy myself a new microwave.

#5… Well, I do have clothes on. I mean, its not like I show up naked or anything.

#12… Hubby and I take turns on sleeping in on the weekends, thank you very much.

So, I won’t say what my final score was but let’s put it this way: total failure! Thank goodness I don’t live in 1939!

I have this plaque that hangs in my kitchen that says:

Family… all because two people fell in love.

Its so true.

I love him.

I mean deep down, ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie kind of love.